Immersing yourself in a Dimension One Spa from Atkinson Spas, can add not only life to your years, but potentially could add years to your life.

Get Started by learning just some of the many overall benefits of owning your very own Dimension One Spa.


Hydrotherapy is one of the oldest forms of naturopathic therapy. It has been used to treat arthritis, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, and lower back pain. Studies have shown that the force of gravity combined with a 360-degree water cushion that the spa provides, improves circulation, relief to aching joints, and reduces swelling and inflammation. Dimension One Spa owners from Atkinson Spas can expect a restored vitality and pleasure in the activities they enjoy most.


For those who suffer from restless nights and lack of sleep, soaking in a Dimension One Spa from Atkinson Spas can help significantly. According to a research study conducted by Cornell Medical Center in 1997, soaking in a hot water for 20 minutes within two hours of falling asleep, will allow your body to sleep more comfortably through the night.

Reduced Stress

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an active retiree, or a mother of two, all can agree that reduced stress levels would improve the quality of life. Dimension One Spas from Atkinson Spas can help relieve stress and calm nerves, allowing the mind to naturally free itself from the day-to-day stressors that exist within everyday lives. By allowing one’s body to soak and allow their mood to be elevated, one can expect improved quality of performance

Improved Relationships

In today’s society, one is constantly on the go, taking their phone with them to stay connected: text messaging, social media, email, chat forums, keep us all from truly connecting with our significant others, friends, and children. By owning a Dimension One Spa from Atkinson Spas, one may create a ‘Cell Phone Free Zone”. No distractions, no technology, except the surround sound audio player, soothing lights and whirlpool action to set the stage for true engagement with those we enjoy the most.

Weight Loss

When paired with dieting and frequent exercise, soaking in a Dimension One Spa from Atkinson Spas, may help you achieve your weight loss goals in a shorter time frame. By allowing your muscles the ability to recover after and between workouts, one may see even faster results in regeneration of muscle fibers and muscle tissue growth. This phenomenon is created through improved quality of sleep, alleviation of muscle soreness, and improved quality of sleep.


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